Emotional Intelligence & Leadership Development


 Emotional Intelligence

• The Emotional Intelligence course is designed to assist participants with the capacity to recognise and effectively manage emotions in themselves and others. Emotions affect decision making, building relationships, creativity, performance, dealing with stress and coping with change. The course begins by defining EQ and identifying why EQ is important to organisational, team, and personal success. Participants will learn how emotions affect the brain and the physiology of emotions. Next, the four-part Emotional Intelligence Model is introduced and becomes the structure for the day´s activities. The two skills emphasized in the model are self-awareness and self-management. Continuing with the Emotional Intelligence Model, information is shared and activities are conducted that support the awareness and growth of two key personal skills: Self Awareness and Self Management


Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

• Apart from leading their own lives, executives have to influence people through their emotions in organisations to achieve strategic objectives. This course helps executives and leaders in organisations to understand emotions and deploy them as a strategic tool in a sustainable manner to achieve desired objectives.


 Emotional Resilience

• The world of VUCA and increased connectivity has placed increased psychological demand on us as human beings resulting emotional pressure even at work. Individuals have to adapt and  build and continuously increase their psychological capital and bandwidth. This Emotional Resilience programme will help you release negative charge and give you tools to be centred and operate with an internal locus of control.


Leadership Coaching

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Employee Wellbeing & Lifestyle Prescriptions

• Understanding the impacts of workplace wellbeing can lead more employees to success in both their professional lives and overall well-being. At TB2B, we specialize in learning what each individual company needs to improve the health of their organization. We help businesses like yours to identify wellness program objectives. Once we assess the factors needed to yield better productivity and profitability for your business, we’ll help you refine and maintain the best wellbeing practices possible.


 MOST people have never realized the connection between true wellbeing and the  ability to manage EMOTIONS. Ability manage emotions impact how we HANDLE life's  difficulties, get stuff DONE, connect with others, and productively and powerfully move  forward every day.

Most people only think of wellbeing as the "big four," which are  sleep, nutrition, exercise, meditation. Those are important.

But people FORGET that  those are just the basics, and that advanced wellbeing practices are actually  PSYCHOLOGICAL stuff and that is what we at Training B2B specialise in.

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