1. ABC’s of Emotions
  2. Self-Leadership
  3. The Change
  4. Managing Emotions for Financial Freedom
  5. Navigating the Rapids and the Waves of Life
  6. Heart Boundaries



The heart is the seat of emotions, often receiving information from the outside world to process. However not all information is useful to protect our emotional states, so heart boundaries is a book sharing ways to guard your own heart by establishing boundaries.





The change is a personal development book written by 20 different authors from across the globe including Mavis. The Change book will help you let go of the baggage you been

carrying around for years and learn to embrace everything that creates the future you want and deserve.  You will gain a new life of super focus as never before and you will commence to

master manifest in your own individual life as never before. The Change books provide tools to transform results for corporations, institutions and individuals, and once applied it will be impossible to

miss your future success in life. Topics include:

• Resolving Conflict in Relationships

• The Power of Emotional Expectation

• The Power of Surrender

• Body Wisdom

• Choice: Its Much More PowerFul Than You May Think. Its the KEY

• Understanding and Healing Emotional Pain

• If I can Heal my Heart so Can You

• From Awareness to Transformation

• and many others





Our emotions influence our responses and subsequent reactions to change or to life’s experiences. For a lot of us, our formal and informal education systems did not provide the skills to navigate the changes

and challenges we encounter in life. The good thing, though, is that we can still learn it along the way, at whatever stage we are in life. I experienced this kind of learning on the

Nile River—rafting without prior knowledge but with willingness to learn, change the status quo, practice, become better, and be flexible enough to let adventure in. I was a mediocre paddler, and I didn’t know

how to swim—but I was willing to learn. It is out of that adventure that I can reflect on the metaphor of a river as our daily life. The key lessons I took from the river raft that I have seen as key in

learning and applying emotional intelligence in our lives for overall success covered in this book are:

• Know your course.

• Stay present.

• Don’t give power to external conditions.

• Adapt purposely.

• Have some tools and options.

• Team with people who are creating the results that you want.

• Don’t flow back on yourself: Get out of obstructions as soon as possible—your whole life still awaits you!

• Recharge.

• Flow on purpose and live.

• Celebrate the unsung hero inside you





Our emotions are anchors of thoughts and are the invisible forces that create our financial results. This book shows you that your financial results maybe sabotaged by any lingering emotions from the past.






Whether in the form of managers or front-line staff, entrepreneurs, mothers, wives, husbands or CEOs. Self-leadership means accepting responsibility and taking accountability for being the best version of ourselves in the different roles we play. It entails accepting responsibility for our outcomes, setting the direction of our lives, possessing the necessary tools to manage priorities and accounting for our abilities by constantly asking ‘’Is this the nest I can be or do” This book will assist you to internalise the two pillars of self-leadership, namely personal responsibility and accountability in order for you to make meaningful and empowered choices while taking action towards your mission.

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